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Achievement Scholarship

Application Deadline:Closed

Awards are based on merit, service, and achievement as evidenced in student's personal essay, academic progress (transcript), letter of recommendations, CV, and cover letter.

Achievement Scholarships are awarded annually for the following academic year. The award deadline is usually in March – exact dates are announced annually.

For more information, and to apply, visit STAR Scholarships.

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Thomas H. Hamilton Scholarship

Application Deadline:September 28th

The Thomas H. Hamilton Scholarship awards $600 to a student with outstanding scholarship and all-around performance who has completed at least two courses in political theory (POLS 335, 336, 337, 338, 339, or 366. The applicant must be an officially declared Political Science major and a graduating senior. The scholarship will be presented to a graduating senior in the Political Science Department for outstanding scholarship (top 25% of all final semester Political Science majors) and performance in areas of political significance such as writing, speaking, campus or community services.

How to apply:

  • Go to STAR to fill out the questionnaire below:
    • Are you an officially declared Political Science major?
    • When are you planning to graduate? Please list year and semester.
    • List the political theory courses that you have taken.
    • Please list any awards or honors that you have received for your written work, speaking ability, campus or community service.
    • Have you been involved in campus service? If yes, please list activity and dates.
    • Have you been involved in community service? If yes, please list activity and dates.
    • Essay – Write a 500-word essay that describes your academic achievements and service-related activities.

Past Recipients:

Kaylene Evans 2017-2018
Vika la Tatofi 2017-2018
Arienne Baker 2016-2017
Troy Ballard 2015-2016
Sarah Nishioka 2014-2015
Chelsea Grace Phlegar 2012-2013
Leah Ariel Ford Ricker 2008-2009
Brian Jacob Bilsky 2007-2008
Wyatt Chance Carpenter 2007-2008
Chelsea Grace Phlegar 2007-2008
Chad Justin Shomura 2007-2008
Norman Keola Pohaku Kukona 2003-2004
Misti Margaret Pali 2002-2003
Stephanie R. Dyment 2001-2002
James E. Stobaugh 2001-2002


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