Other Funds

Research Assistantships

Research Assistantships are occasionally available to graduate students enrolled or accepted in the graduate program in Political Science who hold no equivalent grants or awards from University sources or the East-West Center. Research assistant positions are not on-going but open only when resources become available.

Student Help Jobs

Student Help jobs involve working with a faculty member as a research assistant or typist. The Department announces the availability of such positions. Various other part-time employment is available through the Center for Career Development and Student Employment office, located in Queen Lili‘uokalani Center for Student Services Room 212, or can be found online at Student Employment & Cooperative Education.

Travel Funds

Department Travel Funds are occasionally available in small amounts to support research and professional activities. The Department announces the availability of these awards, which are administered by the Department's Budget & Advisory Committee.

Other Grants

Other grants are occasionally available to students enrolled or accepted in the Department. In addition, students may apply for small loans for specific purposes from the Political Science Department Fund. This fund is made available through voluntary contributions from faculty, students, and others.

For more information concerning department financial assistance, contact the chair of the Grants and Awards Committee.