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Achievement Scholarship

Application Deadline: April 26th

The Department offers its graduate students achievement awards of up to $10,000. These awards are not limited to tuition coverage, but can include living expenses like rent and food, domestic and international travel, books, and other research expenditures. The application should include an academic time frame (for first year students) or progress report (for advanced students), a statement of purpose, a detailed budget proposal, a CV, cover letter, and a letter of recommendation from a Department faculty member. Based on the requests received, the Grants & Awards/Hiring Committee will decide how much the individual applicants will receive.

Applications will be called for at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters.

For more information, and to apply, visit STAR Scholarships.

Department Awards

In the middle of each semester, announcements regarding the application process for departmentally administered awards will be put out. The application forms may be obtained from the Department main office. Financial awards are divided among those administered by the Department and those administered outside the Department. The Department's Grants and Awards Committee evaluates applications on the basis of grades, other evidence of scholarly abilities, and financial need. Preference will be given to in-state residents and to under-represented groups in the awarding of tuition waivers. The following forms of financial assistance are awarded by the Dean of the Graduate Division upon the recommendation of the Department's Grants and Awards Committee.

Harry Friedman Memorial Award

Application Deadline:

This award is funded with donations from friends, family, and colleagues of the late Harry Friedman to assist a student who has some degree of financial need in the graduate program in Political Science at the Mānoa campus. Recipients must be enrolled fulltime in a graduate program. This award of $700 is given in the spring semester (application deadline in the fall) for academic merit demonstrated by a research paper in the sub-field of Comparative Politics. The award-winning research paper ought to reveal a combination of theoretical sophistication and empirical depth on a specific area in Comparative Politics, with sensitivity to issues of third-world development and progress.

Past Recipients:

Irmak Yazici 2017-2018
Irmak Yazici 2016-2017
Guan Pei Ming 2015-2016
Won Geun Choi 2014-2015
Rex Trombley 2013-2014
Hye Won Um 2012-2013
Yongshin Kim 2011-2012
Rohan Kalyan 2010-2011
Soo Young Hwang 2009-2010
Chad Shomura 2008-2009
Ponipate Rokolekutu 2007-2008
Himanee Gupta-Carlson 2006-2007
Caixia Lu 2004-2005
Melisa Casumbal 2003-2004
Decha Tangseefa 2002-2003
Qi Zeng 2001-2002
Suzuka Takeshita 1999-2000


Norman Meller Award

Application Deadline:

The Normal Meller Award was created in honor of the Department's expert in Pacific Islands Studies, now Professor Emeritus, late Professor Norman Meller. This award is available to graduate students enrolled or accepted in the graduate program in Political Science. Applicants must not hold grants or awards from University sources or the East-West Center during the same period. This award of $1,500 is given in the fall semester for meritorious academic achievement, especially for progress in the Ph.D. program.

Past Recipients:

Duyen Bui 2018-2019
James Riley 2017-2018
Kathleen Brennan 2014-2015
Agussalim Burhanuddin 2012-2013
Stuart Candy 2009-2010
Himanee Gupta-Carlson 2005-2006
Christine Hansen 2004-2005
Judy Rohrer 2003-2004
Monique Mironesco 2002-2003
Monique Mironesco 2001-2002


Jorge Fernandes Memorial Award

Application Deadline:

The Jorge Fernandes Memorial Award was endowed by the family of Dr. Fernandes who finished his Ph.D. in our department and passed away in December of 2004. The award is given to ABD (All But Dissertation) students who are encouraged to use it for research, travel, and other expenses related to the completion of their dissertation. Students of superior academic merit and with a GPA of 3.5 or more are encouraged to apply. Some consideration will be given to the financial need of the applicant.

Past Recipients:

Heather Frey 2018-2019
Kora Iechad 2017-2018
Irmak Yazici 2017-2018
James Riley 2017-2018
Heather Frey 2017-2018
Duyen Bui 2017-2018
Irmak Yazici 2016-2017
Reza Mohagerinejad 2015-2016
Benjamin Schrader 2014-2015
Rex Trombley 2013-2014
Kathleen Brennan 2013-2014
Brianne Gallagher 2013-2014
Rex Troumbley 2012-2013
Yilamu Wumaier 2011-2012
Seongwon Park 2011-2012
Lorenzo Rinelli 2010-2011
Melisa Casumbal 2007-2008


The Glendon Schubert and James Neal Schubert Political Science Endowed Scholarship

The Glendon Schubert and James Neal Schubert Political Science Endowed Scholarship was created in honor of the Department's most creative and influential political scientists of the mid century. The scholarship is available to graduate students enrolled or accepted in the graduate program in Political Science.

For more information, and application instructions, please take a look at Law and Society Schubert Award.

Past Recipients:

Lorenzo Rinelli 2010-2011
Jake Dunagan 2008-2009
Lorenz Gonschor 2008-2009

Other Award Opportunities or Resources

Jacob Peace Endowment Fund

Supported by an endowment contributed in honor of the late Philip E. Jacob, an internationally-renowned scholar in international relations and cross-national analysis, the award provides approximately $500 to a graduate or undergraduate student for a project, paper, or equivalent endeavor related to efforts for achieving peace. Applicants submit either completed work or a proposal for work to be completed to the Matsunaga Institute for Peace.

Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Travel Fund

A small sum of money is available each semester from the Graduate Student Organization (GSO) Travel Fund to help offset travel expenses for qualified graduate students who will be making presentations or reading papers at out-of-state conferences. Competition for the awards is high, with only a few of those applying being selected.

Financial Aid Services

Other forms of financial assistance, including tuition waivers, scholarships, and loans are available through Financial Aid Services and other entities on and off campus. These include the Basic Educational Opportunities Grants, Supplemental Educational Opportunity Grants, National Direct Student Loans, and the Guaranteed Student Loans program. State Higher Education Loans are also available. However, one-year Hawai‘i residency is a criterion for such awards.

Information and applications should be requested directly from Financial Aid Services, Student Services Center, Room 112, 2600 Campus Road, University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, Honolulu, Hawaii 96822. Telephone: (808) 956-7251. Fax: (808) 956-3985.

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